Recreational Classes

Absolute is THE club to join if you want to learn and master tumbling on floor and trampoline.
                                Unlike traditional artistic gymnastics clubs, we specialize in the bio-mechanics of gymnastics  without the focus on bar, beam or vault. This allows the athlete to apply special focus on the disciplines they really enjoy!

All classes include a warm-up/flexibility component, floor work, stations and conditioning

  on certified equipment and are offered in 45, 60, 90  and now 120 minute formats

Recreational Levelling System

Recreational Tumbling Classes

Our weekly group tumbling classes are extremely popular! We focus on recreational fundamental movement patterns that help kids progress into more advanced skills or sports.

Absolute has THE BEST ratios in the lower mainland of 1:7 or less.  See class schedule for additional descriptions. 

Our weekly classes are PERFECT for kids who LOVE Floor and Trampoline components of gymnastics. They will learn body awareness, mindful practice and of course, super cool tricks!

Spring session registration avail Feb 12th at 6pm

Tumbling for Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders are encouraged to take tumbling appropriate to their applicable levels. These classes are for cheerleaders only.

Boys-Only Tumbling Classes

We offer an introduction to Power Tumbling via 2 different age groups for boys only!

In these classes, boys will learn​ the bio mechanics of flipping on our trampoline,

air track and gymnastics floor. These classes are for boys keen to learn proper

technique for Power Tumbling!

Tumbling for Adults

Our adult gymnastics classes run in 6 week sessions. Participants are welcome to take instruction from our class leaders, or use this time to work on skill specific exercises on our various equipment. This is a class for beginners as well as intermediate or "ex" athletes! 

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