Gymnastics & Power Tumbling

Absolute is THE club to join if you want to learn and master gymnastics tumbling on floor and trampoline.
                                  Unlike traditional gymnastics clubs, we specialize in the bio-mechanics of gymnastics without the                                    focus on bar, beam or vault. This allows the athlete to apply special focus on the disciplines they really enjoy!

All classes include a warm-up/flexibility component, floor work, stations and conditioning

  on certified equipment and are offered in 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute formats

Toddler Gym

FUNdamental Tumbling Classes

This parent-participation class is a great introduction to our gym! Special time with mom or dad in trampolines, bouncy floors, equipment and more. Our energetic coaches will help guide you in working with your little one through gymnastics stations, musical movement etc

Elite Tumbling 

Our weekly group tumbling classes are extremely popular! We focus on fundamental movement patterns that help kids progress into more advanced skills or sports (like cheer!) Absolute has THE BEST ratios in the lower mainland of 1:7. See class schedule for additional descriptions. 

Next level commitment and skills for athlete wishing to develop and progress their skills for either competitive power tumbling and/or competitive cheerleading.

Private Classes

Athletes wishing to work with an instructor will benefit from these 1-on-1 30 minute classes! Come in 10-15 minutes early for independent warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of instruction! Instructors will assign 5-10 minutes of condition/cool down following the session

Our Levelling System

Class Multipasses

Once per week classes are good, but two times per week is excellent! Remember that learning and mastering new skills requires repetition and focus. Athletes advance safer and faster by attending multiple classes.

Virtual Program - May 19-June 30th

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