Power Tumbling

Absolute is pleased to offer a levelled Power Tumbling Program. Athletes who join this program are choosing to train on floor, airfloor and tumble track with the goal of achieving skills, improving technique for our competitive program. This is not a program for recreational athletes.  Power Tumbling members must have a minimum of a back handspring to join classes. Assessments booked via e-mail: absolute.cgt@gmail.com

21/22 Power Program

NEW members will be welcomed to our program for the 2021/22 pre-competitive and competitive season in Mid May. Interested applicants must fill out the form above.

Interclub*new* athletes (also known as Pre-competitive) will train 2 x per week

Competitive athletes will train 3 x per week with an optional day of a flexibility and strength session.

A full information package will be available May 25th!​

Interclub: Athletes who wish to tumble 2 x per week and compete as Pre-Competitive and Semi competitive, only competing against other athletes that carry minimum tumbling requirements and only tumbling twice per week. There will be 2 - 3 competitions per season between January - June. 

Minimum skill asset: Round off single or double BHS

Competitive: Athletes who choose tumbling as their primary specialized sport and train 2-3 days per week and compete as Provincial LV 1 or Provincial LV 2 within BC. There would likely be between 4-5 competitions per season between January - May.

Minimum skill requirement: Round off triple BHS + (optional) tuck 

♦ NEW FOR 2021-2022 ♦ 
          effective July 2021-June 2022

Fill out the 2021/22 Program interest form above!

E-mail the head coach for more info: absolute.sonja@gmail.com