Power Tumbling

Absolute is pleased to offer a levelled Power Tumbling Program. Athletes who join this program are choosing to train on floor, airfloor and tumble track with the goal of achieving skills, improving technique for artistic gymnastics OR to join our competitive team. This is not a program for recreational athletes.  Power Tumbling members must have a minimum of a back handspring to join classes. Assessments booked via e-mail: absolute.cgt@gmail.com

Power Tumbling

Levelling System

Next level commitment and skills for athletes wishing to develop and progress their skills for the ultimate goal of competitive power tumbling (also known as T&T). We currently offer 4 levels of PowerTumbling.

Thiis program is perfect for athletes who want to specialize in floor and trampoline tumbling!

2020/21 Power Groups

Our Full season program will run from September - December, January - June with the option to change their schedule in the New Year 2021. All group participants must train twice per week. Our athletes will progress safely, and technically as pre-competitive and Interclub athletes as they work towards achieving competitive status. Being competitive isn't a requirement.. athletes can still take this program and do it "for fun"!


Athletes that are interested in ACADEMY must book a private assessment through the office before they are invited to the competitive training group. These athletes are interested in training for Provincial and/or National stream.

We are now accepting new applicants to our current programs.

E-mail the head coach for more info: absolute.sonja@gmail.com 

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